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TURF KING BLACK - Best shoe for defensive players - WAS $120 - SOLD OUT

TURF KING BLACK - Best shoe for defensive players - WAS $120 - SOLD OUT

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The Turf King is a “wide last” shoe, meaning that it is more of a one-size-fits-all field hockey shoe, from standard to wide width. The Dita Turf King is our classic shoe. In the past four Olympics it has been worn by players collecting eight of nine medals! Standing in a pair of Turf Kings a player’s feet are actually closer to the plane of the playing surface than in most other shoes, which is good for stability. This is made possible by the differing densities of the insole and midsole, working together with the classic Dita tread design, which features side-studs that flair outward to increase stability and maneuverability. These particular elements also provide extra shock absorption.

The blending of all these details creates a shoe that maximizes a players ability to play the game of field hockey and not just run up and down the field with a stick dangling from his or her hand. In a pair of Turf Kings one can pivot, turn, spin, jolt, bolt, and break away.

Many pros play with this shoe.

Many other brands have low quality insoles. Ours are good quality removable insoles, with a good arch support and double shock absorption under the heel. The interior, midsole, of the Turf King is made of superior EVA material.

The stiff sidewalls, thicker toe box and heel cup protect the player’s foot in a way no running-style shoe can.

UPPER:Lightweight synthetics with mesh nylon. Easy to clean and handsomely detailed.

MIDSOLE:EVA moulded footbed, with DRI-LEX fiber, known for its waterwicking properties. This makes the insole quick drying and very comfortable. The cushioning is designed for optimum stability.

TREAD DESIGN: Run and pivot on any surface, astro turf or grass, with confidence. The tread provides the best traction and maneuverability available for any all weather field sport.

NOTES:Once you have worn the shoes for a full sixty minutes, and have fully tested the capabilities, you will know why we say, "It's what you wear on your feet to stay on your feet".

Sizing: Most players order a half size larger than their street shoe size.