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XTREME SRL- Fuchsia - WAS $125 - SOLD OUT

XTREME SRL- Fuchsia - WAS $125 - SOLD OUT

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Our materials and our hand, small quantity, close attention to detail production cost more than other shoes. You are also aware that there are other invisible factors, inside and outside the shoe. Not least of which is the ability, built into our turf shoes, to keep a player playing, instead of falling or experiencing fatigue. Also, you should be aware that while other shoe brands may have earned Olympic medals on the feet of athletes in other sports. Our turf shoes have been worn by FIELD HOCKEY Olympic AND World Cup medalists each and every Olympics and World Cup for the past twenty years. That has some value. Players know what feels good on their feet and what keeps them playing their best. You are the best judge of what works for you. You are also the best judge of what you would pay for a pair of shoes.

How much is a pair of shoes worth that might facilitate a medal performance ?