EXA 200 2013
WAS $365.00, NOW ON SALE FOR $220.00, plus FREE SHIPPING!

EXA 200 2013  <font color= "#ff0000">WAS $365.00, NOW ON SALE FOR $220.00, plus FREE SHIPPING!</font>

EXA 200 2013 WAS $365.00, NOW ON SALE FOR $220.00, plus FREE SHIPPING!

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Stefanie Fee, of the USA Women's team:
"I love to play with the Dita EXA 200 (2013 edition). The unique mold enhances 3D dribbling skills and offers elite execution of precision passing and aerials."

Lauren Pfeiffer, of the USA Women's Team:
"I love the EXA200 because of the toe shape -- it allows for easy control on the ball and is great for aerial play. The hit is solid and I can also get a nice drag flick from it. I played forward and now I'm back in the deep defense -- this is a great stick for either position."

LENGTH = 36.5"
BENDING = 24 mm
HEAD SHAPE = Midi shape Power Hook
WEIGHT = Light & Medium
Carbon 65% / Fiberglas 30% / Aramid 5%

The tip of the toe crooks forward (Powerhook) which gives you perfect backhand control without the disadvantages in hitting. Helps improve technical skill.

The EXA Series is different from all other composites. The Power is greater, yet touch is not sacrificed. Players from novice to elite level report both an increase in ball speed and greater control without the rebound that often accompanies a more powerful composite.