TERRA V30 2013
WAS $270.00, NOW ON SALE FOR $180.00!

TERRA V30 2013 <font face="helvetica" size="2" color= "#ff0000">WAS $270.00, NOW ON SALE FOR $180.00 !</font>

TERRA V30 2013 WAS $270.00, NOW ON SALE FOR $180.00 !

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POWER INDEX = ; the TERRA series offers great power. The stiffness is designed for significant rebound and requires a high level of skill to control stopping the ball.
BENDING = 22 mm - Medium Curve is perfectly balanced for players who want extreme control.
HEAD SHAPE = Midi shape, Power Hook
WEIGHT = Light and Medium
Carbon 35% / Fiberglas 65% / Aramid 10%
LENGTH = 36.5" and 38"

The tip of the toe crooks forward (Powerhook) which gives you perfect backhand control without the disadvantages in hitting. Helps improve technical skill.