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BLACK CAT- Regular Price $470 (SOLD OUT)

BLACK CAT- Regular Price $470 (SOLD OUT)

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"The Black Cat is a very light stick, which allows me to get quick shots off from anywhere in the circle. In addition, I feel I have much more power in both my forehand and backhand shots with the Black Cat. I really feel that the touch and feel of this stick gives me complete control as an attacker and makes me a threat in the circle."

Kat Sharkey

POWER INDEX = 11.00; the EXA series provides extreme power, the Ultra Light models are quite stiff and should be used by players with excellent trapping ability
BENDING = 22 mm
HEAD SHAPE = Midi shape
WEIGHT = Ultra Light
Carbon 90% / Fiberglas 5% / Aramid 5%

This stick is ultra light with a medium balance point. The ultra light weight will allow quick stick movement with the ball. The medium bend will help prevent accidental lifts on hits. That large amount of carbon will provide a lot of power on hits. This stick is perfect for high level players looking to play beyond high school. The Black Cat is normally preferred by offensive players, but can be used effectively in any position.