PLAID & FAUX WOOD-GRAIN Graphics over the most advanced FULL COMPOSITE and sensitive Dita GIGA EVER!!!

The RED PLAID GIGA is an EXCLUSIVE USA ONLY MODEL, not available outside the USA.

Dita goods not purchased from an AUTHORIZED DITA USA RETAILER are NOT covered by warranty.

RED PLAID:  Value $200

RED PLAID: Value $200

Item# REDplaid
  • $180.00
  • Usually ships the same business day
BENDING = XL-Curve, 25 mm
HEAD SHAPE = "J" shape.
WEIGHT = Light or Medium
BALANCE POINT = 55.70 cm
Carbon 20% / Fiberglas 70% / Aramid 10%

This stick has a Large bend and has a medium weight distribution. It is good for lifts and maneuverability. The low amount of carbon will allow the stick to be forgiving on receptions. This stick is perfect for players who want less rebound. The Giga Red is normally preferred by offensive players, but can be used effectively in any position.