Only Dita goods purchased from an AUTHORIZED DITA USA RETAILER are covered by warranty.

Warning: If you purchased a stick from other than an AUTHORIZED DITA USA retailer or or the Dita USA booth at a USA tournament, your stick is not guaranteed and no warranty is available.

If your product was purchased from Dita USA or one of our AUTHORIZED DITA USA RETAILERS, your concerns and issues will be seriously addressed.

Dita warranties sticks for manufacturing defects for 3 months. If you have a visible issue; Take a photo with your phone and send it to: Please include your name, phone number, order number or copy of your receipt, and a description of the problem. Paint chips occur as a result of stick-to-stick contact. They do not affect play, so they arenít a warranty issue. Many stick issues may be resolved with care and epoxy. The broken shaft, illustrated here, is not fixable and would be covered under warranty.

If you have any vibrations or other non-visible problems send us an email with a detailed description. Although vibrations are not covered under warranty, many can be removed at the warehouse. If a problem occurs after the 3 month warranty we may still be able to help, but the sooner we are contacted the better.

Contact Dita before sending in damaged product to start a warranty claim. Dita is not responsible for packages received without a note with your contact information, or items lost or damaged during shipping.