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Since 1891: Creating Genius Level Hockey Gear for Elite Players, like you.

Kat Sharkey: "As soon as I got a CARBO TEC PRO C100 in my hands, I was instantly impressed. It was very clear to me that this stick was made with the latest technology and would help make me a more dangerous striker. It is one of the lightest sticks that I've ever used in my career, but it still adds so much power to all of my shots. Because it is so light, I can get shots off so quickly, even when a defender is applying pressure."

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Dita, For 125 Years, Supplying Genius Field Hockey Players!!!

Dita has always been exclusively a field hockey company!!! Dita USA is dedicated to gear made for players who know what they are doing and know what they expect from international level field hockey sticks. Dita has been leading the way since 1891, always first to anticipate the direction of the game. Dita has supplied the best and most player friendly field hockey sticks.

Much of our success is due to a simple fact: we play the sport. Field hockey is our sport, our only sport. Everyone at Dita has played and is deeply involved with the sport of field hockey. This includes our international counter-parts in Holland, Chile, and South Africa. In the USA, even our summer help is comprised of passionate field hockey players. We are enthusiastic sponsors of FH LIFE, the official magazine of USA Field Hockey. Our top sticks are made with features that enhance a players abilities. These sticks mix power and forgiveness. Get the Dita advantage, in your hands, on your feet.