Stitched Soft Grip

Stitched Soft Grip

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Stitched Soft Grip

A soft as suede replacement grip that has traction ribbing at the top of the handle but allows your lower hand to slide.

Fits up to 38" sticks.

Simply remove the old grip and replace it with the new Stitched Soft Grip!

PRO TIP: practice wrapping the new grip a few times before removing the paper backing from the adhesive strip. When applying the grip, peel off only a few inches of paper backing at a time. Wrap with even pressure, overlapping only 1/8". Trim off excess grip as needed. Secure with electrical or hockey tape.

HELPFUL HINT: UPS rounds up to the whole pound, if you are just getting a grip, why not get a few? Up to 5 grips can fit in a package if removed from their packaging and will stay under the required weight and size.