Kat Sharkey - "As soon as I got a CARBO TEC PRO C100 in my hands, I was instantly impressed. It was very clear to me that this stick was made with the latest technology and would help make me a more dangerous striker. It is one of the lightest sticks that I've ever used in my career, but it still adds so much power to all of my shots."

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About Us
Hi, I'm Miki Best and I've played field hockey since 1984. I grew up in San Diego and played with many groups at various locations, including the Olympic Training Center. I've coached and played in tournaments across North America and Canada. My husband is a player, umpire, and personal coach. We met playing against each other. Our two boys had hockey sticks in their hands within minutes of their births. I'm the general manager and sales director at Dita USA.

The CEO of Dita USA is Sandy Kinnee. He grew up playing a different kind of hockey, in Michigan. Then, he discovered field hockey. That was a long time ago, when his daughter was a little girl. While teaching her the sport, he fell in love with it and hasn't looked back.

Everyone who works at Dita plays field hockey, whether here in Colorado Springs, or in our affiliate's in Holland, Great Britain, Chile, or South Africa; everyone at Dita plays Field Hockey!

It is WHAT WE DO!!

Dita USA
612 Elkton Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80907

1 719 597-3100
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miki.dita @ gmail.com

Refund Policy: Only unused items may be returned for refund.
Goods must be in original wrappings and show no sign of use.

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