Only Dita goods purchased from an AUTHORIZED DITA USA RETAILER are covered by warranty.

Warning: If you purchased a stick from other than an AUTHORIZED DITA USA retailer or or the Dita USA booth at a USA tournament, your stick is not guaranteed and no warranty is available.

If your product was purchased from Dita USA or one of our AUTHORIZED DITA USA RETAILERS, your concerns and issues will be seriously addressed. Please email a full image of both the front AND back of the stick, plus any other areas of concern. Attach images with medium resolution. Include a detailed description of the problem (sounds, feel, when it happens, location on the stick) with your contact information, especially a phone number, so we can resolve the matter as quickly as possible. A response is generally given within one business day, check spam if you haven't heard back in a reasonable amount of time.


Although rare, defective workmanship does sometimes occur. Dita USA has maintained less than 1.5% defect rate over the last several years. Dita will repair or replace sticks with manufacturing defects within 3 months of purchase. To file a warranty claim contact with a copy of the receipt, a few CLEAR images and a detailed description of the issue. Paint chips occur as a result of stick-to-stick contact. They do not affect play, so they aren’t a warranty issue. Many stick issues may be resolved with care and epoxy. The broken shaft, illustrated here, is not fixable and would be covered under warranty.

Some cases can be resolved via email, others may require the stick to be shipped to Dita USA. Please contact Dita if you have any concerns, even after the warranty date, we are always happy to see what can be done. The sooner we are contacted the more likely we can help.

NOT COVERED IN WARRANTY Chips, scratches, nicks, “invisible cracks”, worn stick heel, rattles, vibration, or any other result of normal use. Damage from hitting anything other than a ball is not considered a defect (hitting goal posts, rocks, or excessively hitting other sticks.) Areas that are not supposed to contact the ball are the back and back edge of the stick, damage to these areas are usually the result of stick to stick contact, which is illegal (hacking.) Full composite sticks can develop a “rain stick” sound. A tiny piece of composite may have become dislodged by impact. It does not affect the play of the stick. This is not a defect. The stick may be sent back to Dita to have the particles removed. A vibration does not always mean a stick is broken but contact Dita for assistance.

INDOOR STICK WARRANTY The above warranty applies to indoor sticks, with the additional note that indoor sticks are not designed for hitting. Per the rules of indoor hockey a player may not hit the ball, this includes slap shots. Stick breakage due to leaning on the stick are also not covered under warranty as the sticks are not designed to support a player's body weight.

*SPECIAL NOTE The popularity of the reverse sweep and tomahawk maneuvers have brought a new concern regarding damage to the front edge of the stick, this has been seen on almost all brands of sticks. Until recently, sticks were only reinforced a few inches from the head on the front edge side. This is the area that is designed for contact with the ball. Making contact with the ball higher on the shaft on the front edge is technically legal, but is not what the stick is designed for. The stick will incur damage with repeated use in the upper front edge area. Any maneuver that entails the stick forcibly contacting the ground will break a stick and is not covered under warranty as the stick is not designed to strike the ground. Players should be warned to perform these maneuvers at their own risk to equipment.

Contact Dita before sending in damaged product to start a warranty claim. Dita is not responsible for packages received without a note with your contact information, or items lost or damaged during shipping.