Exa 50 INDOOR Wood Core<br>

Exa 50 INDOOR Wood Core

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Get your Indoor Exa 50 before it's gone!

BEND = 23mm, Mid Bow
CARBON = 50% Kevlar wrap over a wood core

Check out the new color! Don't be fooled by the dark appearance, shine a little light on it to see the color really come out, especially daylight!

The name Exa may be familiar to some and is synonymous with field hockey sticks with power and yet a more forgiving receive. Who couldn't use a performance enhancing stick? Control the ball and control the game.

The Exa 50 is perfect for players wanting a balance of power and forgiveness. Exa uses a 50% Kevlar wrap over a wood core to bring you the control elite players know only a wood core stick can bring to the game. Reduce the unwanted rebound and get control of the ball faster.

The Mid Bow is perfect for players wanting some maneuverability without losing control and is fantastic for deceptive passes. The J-head has a large sweet spot and surface area for stops and allows for better pulls from the reverse side than other standard head shapes. This model can be used in any indoor position.