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TACTICAL BLACK C70 Full Composite Indoor


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BEND = 24mm, Low Bow
CARBON = 70%

Try a BETTER STRATEGY with your new SECRET WEAPON, the Dita USA TACTICAL BLACK C70 full composite indoor stick. Use the strong deflections of this 70% Carbon indoor stick for redirecting and tip in's on goal. The Tactical Black indoor Low Bow is black with a very dark green graphic.

Notice - Indoor sticks are for indoor hockey, not outdoor hockey played indoors. The ball must be pushed, NO HITTING is allowed, not even a sweep. Breakage due to hitting, players leaning on their stick, or sticks that are stepped on during play do not fall under the Dita warranty. Below is the definition of a push per the FIH Indoor Rules, posted October 1, 2019.
"PUSH - Moving the ball along the ground using a pushing movement of the stick after the stick has been placed close to the ball."